Energy and Ease: A Pranayama Course

"Through stilling the fluctuations of the breath, the fluctuations of the mind naturally calm" Quote: Dan Kyte 2021

A 6 week course guiding you to develop and advance a sustainable self-led pranayama and meditation practice, which you can apply to find greater ease in everyday life.

For beginners and established students. This course is designed to be effective through online or in-person tuition.

Each lesson is a 75 minute interactive workshop with 'homework' exercises, that will enable you to become established in a sustainable practice with strong foundations. Variations are provided to meet individual abilities.

For Yoga Schools and Businesses:

If you wish to host this course either in person or online contact Dan directly for further information and availability.


Week 1

Explore what pranayama involves. What is Pranayama?

Learn to find a comfortable seat.

Develop 2-Part Even (Samavritti) Breathing.

Week 2

Learn preparations for successful meditation.

Develop techniques to remain undistracted.

Develop 3-Part Even (Samavritti) Breathing.

Week 3

Explore how the breath affects our emotions.

Learn Kapalbhati Kriya (optional).

Learn Anuloma Viloma [enhancing awareness and will-power]

Week 4

Explore chakras, motivations and everyday life.

Add in pauses during Samavritti Breathing.

Week 5

Explore swara [the subtle flow of the breath] in everyday life.

Develop Samavritti Breathing and Anuloma Viloma.

Begin Nadi Shuddhi, balancing the breath between the nostrils.

Week 6

Explore kundalini, practicalities in meditation and life.

Develop inhalation retention in Samavritti Breathing.

Learn to add in visualization to Nadi Shuddhi.

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