Mobility Training Pro-Tips For Climbers

To help you get the most out of your mobility training, Dan has developed and works from 3 principles for sustainable mobility.

  1. Stability First, Flexibility Second!

  2. 60% Effort, 40% Chill!

  3. Quality Over Quantity!

Watch the videos below to explore these further:

1. Stability First, Flexibility Second!

Mobility training with Dan, you won't get away with a weak core for long!

Developing core strength is often overlooked in mobility work, but for safe and effective training it is fundamental. Plus, a stronger core never goes amiss on the rock.

Here are the first levels (1-5) of a core progression Dan works from, starting simple can often be fairly challenging for a lot of people.

2. 60% Effort, 40% Chill!

When we stop 'pushing' into stretches, mobility tends to come easily and feel 'comfortable', we do need to put some effort in though.

To help you explore 60% Effort, 40% Chill here's a 12 minute follow along video.

The exercises practiced are simplified PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretch's which make use of the principle of reciprocal inhibition; when one muscle group contracts, the opposite muscle group relaxes.

3. Quality over Quantity

Dan guides you to find effective and time-efficient exercises, taking into account your daily lifestyle, climbing training and body type.

Watch these 2 short videos to learn how mobility training can be inserted in 'bitesize chunks' around your climbing and how to gauge the right intensity in mobility exercises.

Dan offers Mobility Training Plans tailored to you!

Find out more here.

Videos Filmed at The Climbing Depot in Sheffield!

All Content Copyright 2022. If working from the 3 Principles of Sustainable Mobility please credit the developer: Daniel Kyte of Climbing Yoga Sheffield.

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