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Limited Time Offer!

Motivate Your Self-Practice 

Ensuring The Postures are Right for You

3 Private Lessons + A Personalized Yoga Resource


Yoga Tailored To You

Dan offers private yoga sessions in Sheffield

 guiding you to get the most out of your Yoga Practice!

Dan will ask you for your personal goals so you can work towards what is meaningful to you.

1-1 or Small Group Tuition

£30 per person for 75 minutes in person.

£25 per person for 60 minutes online via zoom.

One other person in your household can join in for free.


Personalized PDF/Video Resource

If you wish Dan can take photos/videos during your lesson to provide you with a visual resource for remembering your sequence and alignment.

The resource costs £10 - £20 extra (agreed upon at the end of your lesson) and will included your key postures and alignment cues, to work safely and effectively from were you are at as an individual.

Bamboo at Chatsworth Gardens

"I had my first class with Dan following a long time off the mat. I have a spinal cord injury and I am paralysed from the waist down.

Dan helped me to create a sequence that works for me, and showed me postures that would help increase core strength and maintain flexibility, together with breathing techniques.

He is a very knowledgeable teacher, and really works to tailor the yoga specifically for each individuals abilities. Highly recommended! "

Hannah H