Mobility training

Sustainable Mobility
"Uniquely Tailored To Rock Climbing"


V-Flexi brings you Dan's integrated expertise as an Occupational Therapist and Yoga Teacher combined with his extensive background in rock climbing and strength training.

There is no need to be flexible already! Dan guides you to find the best exercise options for you so you can practice what feels comfortable and right.

V-Flexi level 1
takes approximately 3 hours to complete and
includes 3 Sections:

1. A Mobility Plan with 6 Key Exercises
'To quick start your mobility training'

2. A Hip Mobility Workshop
'Guiding you to find ease in movement'

3. A Masterclass on PNF Stretching 
'For safe and effective drop knees and high steps'

You can contact
Dan for 1-1 support and advice during the course.

  V-Flexi Level 1 is out now!


It is assumed that you are injury free and in good health. 

Exercises are challenging but should not cause any pain or discomfort.

If in doubt stop and consult Dan for direct advice.

By purchasing the course and partaking in these exercises you assume full responsibility in the unlikely event that any injury or damage that may occur. 

You will have 1 years access to each course from the date of your purchase. Dan reserves the right to alter and update any course content after your purchase.  

If you are not satisfied with the content of any purchased course, 

refunds can be provided within 7 days of purchase.

Please contact Dan directly


V-Flexi Courses

"V-Flexi has been an indispensable tool for improving my movement on the wall.


Dan clearly and concisely explains how to perform each exercise, provides an understanding of how the exercise is likely to benefit your climbing, and offers plenty of progressions to ensure that the exercises are accessible to all."

"Chris Lockley"