Mobility Training Plans

Dan works with you

to develop your body awareness, composure, strength and flexibility. 

Taking into account your individual abilities, body type and lifestyle

to help you reach your climbing goals! 

In person options are available within Sheffield.

"With Dan's help I very quickly began to see the bad habits that I was slipping into."

Paul Reeve

15% discounts

on your first plan are available for climbers coached by:

Alex Hithersay 

Steve McClure

Apex Climbing Coaching

New Age Climbing

Climbing Mobility Plans | Yoga Tailored To You


Mobility Booster Package

75 minute

in person mobility session.


Come away with a bespoke mobility plan tailored to you and your climbing goals.


This generally includes 6-10 key exercises easily practiced around your climbing. 


Mobility Pro 

A 2 hour

in person mobility profiling session.


Expect to come away with an extensive understanding of your movement patterns and how these can be adapted to improve your climbing.

Bespoke mobility plan unique to you.



Mobility Plan and Coaching Offer

Add an additional 60 minutes of on the wall coaching

for only £25

I always learn something new from sessions with Dan, he's got a great understanding of the mechanics of the human body and can always recommend variations that suit you or how to target a particular weakness. "Marsha Balaeva"

"Had a really insightful assessment with Dan today!


We focused on learning how to engage my lower abdominals in order to help with external rotation (something I've struggled with in my climbing as I'm much more proficient in internal rotations, like for dropped knee positions etc.).


I really enjoyed the drills and exercises Dan has given me to work on this area, and the mind/body element of the session will really help improve my range and movement on the wall."

Alex Hithersay

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You can also find Dan working

as a mobility and climbing coach within New Age Climbing.

Dan has been invaluable in helping our junior climbers meet their mobility goals. He has an excellent understanding of the application of his practices to improving climbing performance.

'Nick Sillem - Head Coach of New Age Climbing.'

Testimonal Highlight

Dan has been working with Finn for about 2 months now and we have been really impressed with the impact on Finn’s mobility which is making a noticeable beneficial impact on his climbing.

Finn is 14 years old and has been climbing indoors for 7 years. He started to take it seriously 5 years ago and has been climbing indoors 3 or 4 times a week since then and, for the last couple of years, outdoors when he can.

He has recently joined Team Foundry and this is where we first met Dan; he sees Finn climbing and is then able to structure the mobility work around aspects that Finn needs to improve. Finn knows that Dan is a climber and this helped immediately build a level of trust. 

We have found that Dan’s mobility sessions and the plan that Finn follows at home have made a real difference to Finn’s flexibility and that this really complements the kind of strength and conditioning work that he has been doing for some time.

We can see that this improvement in flexibility is helping Finn climb better and, more importantly, Finn can see it as well.

In fact, Finn could see and feel an almost immediate improvement and this motivated him to find a few minutes each day to do Dan’s exercises. This motivation is priceless for a 14 year old and is a huge testament to Dan’s skills and experience. 

All in all we have been very impressed with Dan and the results of his work with Finn have been excellent!