Yoga Therapy For Anxiety

Specialist Yoga For Helping Manage Anxiety In Everyday Life

Certified in yoga therapy skills for anxiety by The Minded Institute, Dan guides you to use evidence based yoga techniques to help you manage anxious energy.

Offered on a 1-1 or group basis. 

In-Person or Online.



Private Sessions

Contact Dan to find out how the sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Each session typically lasts 1 hour at the affordable cost of £25. Buy 3 sessions for £65. 

Self practice at home is recommended between sessions.  For group sessions, please contact Dan to discuss tailored options and prices.

Free consultation and goal setting is available before booking. 

Contact Dan to find out more. 

What To Expect

A graded approach is taken to gradually build up your skills and confidence each session.

Practical Evidence Based Techniques Which May Be Utilised

  • Physical movements with emphasis upon grounding practises; learning to lower ones heart rate and become confident using techniques to bring down anxious energy. These can then be applied in everyday situations.

  • Breathing techniques for activating the rest and relaxation response, which is generally underactive in anxiety. Including coherant breathing and exhalation elongation.

  • Buddhist mindfulness techniques, including mindful noting and walking meditation.

  • Motivational interviewing and cognitive techniques for improved self-confidence motivation.

  • Guided personality exploration drawing upon the traditional yogic model of the Koshas alongside the Ayuverdic concept of the Doshas.